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Welcome to PiezoNova website!


PiezoNova s.r.o. is a newly established company from the Czech Republic.

We are dealing with production and development of piezo sensors and piezo applications. Although PiezoNova is a new company, our expert team has many years of experience in this area.

We specialize in production and development of customized piezoelectric sensors and transducers for all types of industry. Our mission is to provide our customers high quality solutions. Our production is located in the Czech Republic and for our products we use components mostly from local and European highly-proffexional and reliable suppliers, with whom we have many years of working experience.

Through our long term experience we are able to solve critical aspects in order to provide reliable solutions.

Sensors and Transducers

We can offer many kinds of piezoelectric sensors, transducers or stacks! We have more than 25 years of experience with development of optimal design as well as manufacturing of high-quality sensors and transducers. We can also optimize your existing sensors or transducers!

Piezo Elements

Piezo element is a heart of your solution; the quality of elements is on the first place. We can provide you high-quality piezo elements optimized for your already existing application. We can offer you ceramics of various sizes and shapes and also made of many kinds of materials.

OEM Production

We have a lot of experience with a customized OEM production of piezo applications. We can offer production at the highest technological level and economically optimized for your business needs.

Customized Product

Customized design and production is our main area. PiezoNova can provide you a full-fledged partnership on the field of the piezo customized products. More than 80% of our production is a customized design. We can understand your requirements and we can offer you a fast solution in high quality and at a competitive prices.

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